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Born in Wales and raised in Hong Kong, nature has always been my home - a retreat away to find my centre in something less transient than the demands of modern living. It became a hobby of mine from a young age to turn nature's patters into pictures - to try and communicate something with the world that couldn't really be put to words.


My eye is for natural beauty - I choose not to use external equipment other than my camera, but rather capture the essence of natural light and beauty in people & places - the soul's soil, from which character & personality blossoms into a radiance that is, to me, what life is all about.

And so I continue this meditative practice through sharing here, with my services & pieces, so that I may help others communicate their image to their world.


Start Your Day the Right Way


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Yau Ley, A Different Way


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Visiting Kerala

ICC -  NOVEMBER 8 - 2019

website projects

web design & photography by soulsoil

Bridge HK
HONG KONG - 2020

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ABLE Charity
HONG KONG - 2020

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P-EAL Care (photography only)
HONG KONG - 2020

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